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Cross Country Mountain Bike

This bike can handle both the rough and the smooth. With the forks locked out it is very responsive and not dissimilar to a road bike yet let the forks absorb shock and its amazing what you can ride over. I have owned a Marin Mount Vision for several years and enjoyed its full suspension, that was until I test rode this. A weekend in the Peaks proved that a well thought out hard tail is as much fun as a full susser. Yet it can handle and climb oh so much sweeter. A week in Sierra Nevada just reinforced this further. Needless to say I recently sold the Mount Vision. Yes the Mount Vision was good but this suits me so much better.

I have been asked in recent months to recommend full suspension bikes for XC, in the past I could happily name a few to look out for. Now I struggle not to tell others of my Burls XC.


Full Shimano XT groupset, Rockshox SID XC Forks with lockout, Shimano wheelset, Conti XC tyres.

UPDATE - as this bike is now being used as a winter training bike its currently using a set of rigid project 2 forks with 26" continental GP  1" slicks







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