Customer Review


Hi Justin. I rode the bike this morning and it went something like this, oh this is good it fits and feels just like my Argon 18, hang on this is stiffer? But some how better, plush! Thats it PLUSH. Why do the gear changes feel smoother? First cattle grid and im expecting the same feeling of dread I normal get on the carbon bike (will it crack), but no its smooth as silk. This bike is the F**KING business!

If I didn't own the Argon 18 i'd be more than happy with just my Burls. Then I stop at the Coffee shop and wait for our local saturday ride to arrive. The ride rolls in and we have the likes of Cervelo, Trek, Cannondale, Specalized, Look, Blue and Time but to name a few! One of the riders spots my Burls and said who's is the Burls?

He then tells me he's got one on order based on the geometry of his Trek. With that I suddenly have a group of about ten riders around My Burls and the questions are coming from every direction! All those top line carbon bikes and one Julia shaw (Fresh back from the world TT championship) and all anyone want to talk about is my Burls!

Thanks a million.