Customer Review


I've rode 231miles in 6 days this week. All on my lovely Burls titanium road bike. To start with i thought i wouldn't be able to afford it as i had a tight budget of 1463 pounds, that was for a frame, and a new bb and a lbs to build the bike up as i was moving the groupset and wheels and cockpit from a crash damaged carbon bike. A phone call with Justin gave me confidence that i would be able to achieve it. I didn't by five pounds. Coming in at 1405 quid (without the build and bb) I'm very happy with that. I live in Liverpool so all comms where done over phone and email and the personal service from Justin was fabulous. I really couldn't of asked for more. 6 weeks after i placed the order the frame arrived. Lovely with its Chris king headset. I did have to buy a new fork as my old one wasn't compatable. My mistake. Justin recommend a Columbus grammy fork for its lightweight and strength. That to is lovely.

The bike fully built on a Saturday morning i picked it up straight out and rode a 52 mile on a beautiful summer's day. It felt fantastic. Sunday morning club run the next day had 20 blokes feeling it oooing and rrrring and making other strange noises of admiration, 62m with the lads was bliss. The next 6 days saw me accumulate the 231miles with commutes to work and a ride in the Liverpool to chester 100m to finish the week off. No tiredness other than you would normally expect the frame is stiff and very comfortable and climbs with ease. I can't put my finger on it, it just feels better. Smoother. Livelier. It's a pleasure to ride. If your considering buying a Ti from Justin you get one more thing rarity. Not many of his bikes out there, i think Justin mentioned 500 but I'm not sure if he meant Ti only or both Ti and steel. I like that, it's nice to be in an exclusive club.