Customer Review

David Matthews

Hi Justin

Thought I would give you some feedback after 3 months living with this bike.

It arrived in Cheshire on a Tuesday early in October and was built up by Thusday am after a couple of trips to the local bike shops to get key parts eg stem. (Have used FSA throughout for stem/bars/seat post)

Group set is Shimano 6600SL which is brilliant with triple 52/39/30 chainset and 14 - 30 ;10 speed custom cassette on hand built 32 spoke Mavic open wheels.

First ride on bike was 25 miles on the Thursday after which , other than a little gear cable adjustment, no further adjustment was needed. On Friday we travelled down to Cardiff by car and I rode a 220k audax out to Worms Head and back on the Saturday. Bike was perfect throughout and the only panic was getting lost in Saturday evening traffic around the M4 at Cardiff which latter was a horrendous experience.

Bike needed no adjustment after this 220K and has continued to perform flawlessly ever since over at least 1000 miles of every sort of road terrain. Comfort is excellent with my trusty San Marco Rolls sadle. Weight and performance is at least equal to my 2009 Felt/Ultegra 10 speed Carbon Fibre sportive bike---with the added bonus of the strengh and reliability of Titanium. I like the bike so much that I am continuing to ride it through the winter. The transmission, wheels, pedals and head set may fall apart in the salt and grit---but the frame/forks won't---so I'll replace parts as and where necessary and do a complete service in the Spring.

Off to the Costa Blanca for 10 days in early February which I am really looking forward to---riding this bike over super hills in good weather.

Thanks for designing and sourcing such a great bike Justin.