Customer Review


I'm someone who buys and sells bikes a lot, i like to ride all kinds of bikes, but for me my go to bike is always my Burls. In all my years cycling i have never become so attached to a bike or frame as this one. I finished the bike in November and rode it every single day through winter. The frame is fantastic, it glides over cobbles like a silver cloud, comfortable and predictable handling even in the rain, accelerates at the drop of a hat, and although it is titanium, which not the stiffest material on the market, i never found it to flex as much as my old steel frame, even in such a big size. Justin was fantastically helpful, and professional through out the ordering process, and it was even finished 4 weeks before he told me to expect it to be. I cannot recommend a Burls frame enough and everyone who has rode mine agrees. It is my best frame i have ever owned.

many thanks
Fred Bennett