Customer Review


Finally got the frame built up into bike - picture attached. Only been around the block so far but very pleased. Currently sits on turbo to get me used to position over winter before next season

Although this is from the middle of the pack I thought you might like feedback on the difference your products made to me based on a recent race.

Last year I did the Outlaw ironman distance triathlon on my road bike with clip on tri bars and zipp 404 wheels. My readings from the race were:

  • Moving time: 05:57:14
  • AvHR : 124
  • AvPower 173w
  • Elevation gain 848m
  • This year I changed to a Burls TT/tri frame following my fitting at Bike Science: (the Burls geometry is very close to the planet x but I wanted a ti frame)
  • Moving time: 05:48:55
  • AvHR : 123
  • AvPower 173w
  • Elevation gain 1186
  • Other equipment changes were an aerojacket wheel cover and a pointy helmet (Rudy Project Wingspan). I also took Andy's advice re a Cobb seat that allowed me to ride a tt bike for that distance without numbness. It was a windier day this year too so along with the extra climbing I'd say it was a slower course. So for pretty much the same effort from the rider, a fairly significant (for me) time gain.
    Now I just need to work on my fitness being good enough for the set up!
    Graeme Hornsby