Customer Review


Justin really was not happy with the white saddle; so I apologise for the new one with a red stripe and hope I haven't offended his aesthetic sensibilities too much.

If you want someone with fixed ideas and who tells you what you must have then Justin probably isn't your man. But if you want someone with a lot of patience, who will happily consider most options, who will give impartial advice and guidance based on his own experience but who lets you make up your own mind, then Justin is your man.

I already had a general idea of what I wanted and after meeting Justin, who comes across as a really laid back guy with a love of cycling and real feeling for the bikes he creates, I was happy to work out the details with him and have him build it. A decision I do not regret.

That's not to say he doesn't have some personal preferences; he will probably try to convert you to Campagnolo, carbon fibre is only good for forks because "proper" bicycles are made out of metal and, of course, no white saddles!

And the bike? I just love it. I think it looks a million dollars (in Justin's words, "that white saddle doesn't look too bad after all"); it's light at just over 17lbs (carbon cranks :), is quick and responsive to ride and yet is all day comfortable. I'm always on the lookout for a chance to ride it (the single speed and MTB are gathering dust) but the really sad thing is, I sometimes go into the garage just to sit and look at it!