Customer Review


I completed the build last night, fitted the computer that came in the post this morning and wheeled her out the door for a club run.

I have just returned and have to say that I am delighted, the bike instilled confidence from the outset and the extremely rough road surfaces around here were smoothed considerably even on 25c's @ 100psi. It is easier than I imagined it would be to hop out the saddle and very well balanced to rock.

I think the decision to steepen the head angle slightly was a wise one, for me the stability at speed is a marked improvement on any of the bikes I already have and on attacking a couple of fast descending bends the bike entered and exited well and felt sure footed when angled over steeply.

This bike is akin to my Audi, nothing flash but a mile eater.

Many thanks Justin for a bike that is all you promised and more.

With my Regards,