Customer Review

John Ross


Can't thank you enough for putting together the titanium bike I have always dreamed of.

Before finding your website I was never sure whether I could get the overall quality of bike that I wanted as it seemed that the likes of Van Nicholas, Lynskey, Sabbath and Enigma etc had good frames but then to keep costs down used cheaper wheelsets and finishing kit. So when I found your website and started to look into what you were managing to produce I thought that just maybe this could be the winning way.

Obviously I read all the online reviews about you and your bikes and I could not find anyone who had a bad word or experience in dealing with you.

So I arranged to drive over to your home. Although you understandably do not offer a full made to measure service I did not find that a problem. I had brought along my 15 year old road bike and together we agreed what type of riding I wanted to do going forward and what dimensions we could tweak to improve my ride. You ride several different bikes yourself and together with your years of bike building experience you clearly have a real feel for what works in bike setup and this certainly helped in the process of developing the frame dimensions and angles.

Within two days you had emailed me a fully dimensioned CAD quality drawing of the proposed bike and after one minor tweak I had agreed and ordered the bike.

Whilst we waited for the frame to be built in Russia we discussed (via email) and agreed the wheelset, groupset and full finishing kit. I have to say that your help and advice with these items was invaluable.

Several weeks later I was again back at your house to collect my new titanium framed bike with full Campagnolo Chorus groupset, American Classic 350 Sprint wheels and a great mix of finishing kit. The quality of the frame and the welds is exceptional.

I was so excited when I got the bike home that it spent the first week in the kitchen just being admired by anyone who came to visit. The ride quality is just brilliant - everything people say about titanium frames is true - it is just so comfortable to ride, helped I am sure by the right mix of frame, wheels, saddle and handlebars.

I would recommend anyone to come to you for a brilliant frameset or complete bike. You have been so helpful and professional throughout - your attention to detail is immediately visible - you clearly love what you do.