Customer Review


Hi Justin,

Better late than never I suppose, here are some pics of the bike.

I could talk a lot about how the bike is the lightest and stiffest I've ever ridden--and certainly that adds quite a bit to my overall impression of it--but mostly I will just say it's unbelievably fun. I rode it brakeless all summer and fall in the city with skinny tires and 49/16 gearing. Then I finally installed brakes, finished the new wheelset and put on cyclocross tires for some off-road fun whilst on vacation in Nova Scotia (shown here). It's a titanium bike with vaguely BMX geometry, a proper Kierin drivetrain, 135mm spacing, and 30c knobby tires. I will probably throw a SRAM 1x groupset on it in the spring. It's ridiculous, definitely not serious, and that's precisely what makes it so fun. Thanks again for all your help making this bike a reality.

Very best,