Customer Review



Making contract with Justin was really nice, he was very helpful and understanding. We got to the end pretty quickly. After six weeks the frame was delivered. And here is the result: First time opening the box I was surprised by craftmanship of the producers. The frame is so beautiful... A week later my bike was built completely. So far I have done around 350 kms. The first ride-first touch of Titanium was a little bit weird. I thought my saddle was new... After some time I realised that this was a feel of titanium, the frame is very comfortable, but not flexy. I tried to accelerate , also when climbing - the bike is incredibly stiff. Despite a shorter chainstay it climbs like a chamois. Downhills are OK as well I can move behind the saddle without problems. The geometry is perfect, right as it was contracted. One cm longer Effective top tube comparing to my previous frame works for my back excellent. The bike is pretty light - actually slightly over 9 kgs, Finishing and changing the tires It will get below 9. What else - sorry Justin I had to add some reflexive stickers to make it cop-resistant because I ride on urban communications as well.

Very good job and cooperation, Thank you for all. I used to be a fan of Specialized, but now I would like to wear a BURLS jersey.

Kind regards,