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Don't just take our word for it, here's what our customers have to say about there Burls Bike.

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  • This page contains a selection of reviews written and photographed by some of our customers. Personally I think this page is important because it shows the bikes living in their intended environment, away from the glossy marketing hype. These are real bikes riden by real people! Many thanks to all who have contributed to this page!

    Road Bikes

    After suffering from a bad back for most of last year I was advised to have my own frame made by someone at my LB. After browsing on the internet at different frame builders in this country I stumbled across Justins website. I hadnt thought of Titanium as an option as I thought it would be too dear. After seeing the website, I found I couldnt stop going back to looking at the bikes in the gallery.Read More
    I had my hand built bike stolen after giving me 10 years dutiful service round the mean streets of London, that's a long time in bike years, also I'd recently got some Mavic Ksyrium super light wheels, and it wasn't insured... I was gutted.Read More
    Elspeth's 650 Ti Road bike.
    Womens 650c and mens 700c steel road bikes.
    My steel fillet brazed Burls Designer select road bike built from Columbus mix. The bike was built for me by Justin Burls about 9 years ago and has been used regularly all year round for training and racing, and despite receiving little maintanence and some may say plenty of abuse has survived and performed beyond my expectations despite my weight when fully fit of 16 stone.Read More
    I can only compare my new Burls Titanium road bike to my wife when she's had her hair cut. She knows her hair looks great, it suits her, does what she requires and makes her feel vibrant. All Sarah wants is for my reaction to be positive without me being prompted. It was exactly the same for me when I took my new Burls Titanium road bike to make its road race debut. Read More
    Justin goes about his business in an utterly professional and personal way. The entire process right from our initial contact right through to post delivery advice was exemplary. First of all, Justin looked up the geometry of my old road bike on the Internet, and asked me what changes, if any, needed making. Read More
    Having ridden a carbon racing bike for the last few seasons racing and having owned a titanium bike for training for 3 years I felt the need for a change of race bike having never really liked the ride of carbon.. Read More
    Well, i'm very happy with the bicycle. It rides fantastic and it feels so light. It's my perfect companion both in the Wicklow mountains and on the flats in county Meath around Dublin. I even raced with it in the Ras Na Mban in Kerry last September.It's the only women only stage race in Ireland. Read More
    Justin, I just wanted to send you some pics and a report from getting out and about on the bike. I literally built it up the night before we left for Spain and never even rode it before setting off on holiday. It has now done nearly 400 miles in the Pyrenees and Pays Basque!Read More
    This has been a long time coming but I wanted to make sure I'd done some decent miles before giving you an honest opinion of the bike. I've also included a few photo's for you. I'm planning on doing London - Paris in 2010 so I might be in the neighborhood. My report card below.........Read More
    I wanted a new bike. I decided it had to be titanium. Of course I was aware of all the bigger names, the American ones were rather pricey, so it had to be a European make.Read More
    Dear Justin I promised you I would send you some pictures of the bike in action. I have just done the London to Paris run. The bike has been fantastic over the last nine months and has exceeded my expectations. Read More
    Justin really was not happy with the white saddle; so I apologise for the new one with a red stripe and hope I haven't offended his aesthetic sensibilities too much.Read More
    Burls superlight project. The Burls/KCNC superlight project is a collaberation between Burls titanium bicycle frames and KCNC components. KCNC are a relatively small brand manufacturing very high quality superlight weight components at very competitive prices.Read More
    It has been some time since my last email and I have now put close to 2,000 miles on the bike and wanted to write an update for your website, which follows on from my initial thoughts in August.Read More
    My best 5 minutes on Google this year happened a week after I cracked my top-of-the-range Condor Leggaro carbon bike frame. Really quite cross at having to replace my earlier investment, albeit after 10,000 kilometres of cycling, I had idlely typed in "titanium frame" and had chanced upon the excellent Justin Burls, based in Harwich.Read More
    Hi Justin. I rode the bike this morning and it went something like this, oh this is good it fits and feels just like my Argon 18, hang on this is stiffer? But some how better, plush! Thats it PLUSH. Why do the gear changes feel smoother? Read More
    While the majority of my cycling is commuting or off-road, I still don ’t think that anything beats a good road ride, and a lightweight road bike only enhances the experience, in my view. I ’ve owned a number of custom steel frames and moved to carbon-fibre more recently. Read More
    Dear Justin Here is a photo of my audax bike now into its third summer and still looking like new. The quality of the titanium frame is excellent with very neat welds, the headset bottom bracket and seatpost all fitted easily a sure sign of quality and it looks good too. Read More
    I've done 3 rides, a 69, 76 & 125 miles and 18,000ft climbing. The frame is the most comfortable and smooth I've ever had. I love it.

    Regards, Alan.
    G'day Justin I hope you will be pleased with what I have done with your frame. The complete bike turned out exactly as I hoped. I wanted to build it up myself, for the experience and so that I would be fully confident to do my own maintenance.Read More
    It's just over a year since I got my titanium frame from you, and I'm pleased to say that it is lovely to ride and everything I'd hoped for. I used it in the UK Ironman Tri in Bolton recently, as I wanted the comfort rather than use my more extreme time-trial (short distance!) race bike. Read More
    Hi Justin thought i might send you a couple of pics of my finished bike, it rides better than i hoped very light and responsive
    Thank you Dan Lewis
    Hi Justin
    Thought I would give you some feedback after 3 months living with this bike.
    It arrived in Cheshire on a Tuesday early in October and was built up by Thusday am after a couple of trips to the local bike shops to get key parts eg stem. (Have used FSA throughout for stem/bars/seat post) Read More
    I completed the build last night, fitted the computer that came in the post this morning and wheeled her out the door for a club run.Read More
    Now the bike is finished I thought you might like to have some photos, for your archive? Very pleased with the bike it's super comfy, super fast, super lite and looks really classy, just what I asked for.
    Best wishes,
    Can't thank you enough for putting together the titanium bike I have always dreamed of.
    Before finding your website I was never sure whether I could get the overall quality of bike that I wanted as it seemed that the likes of Van Nicholas, Lynskey, Sabbath and Enigma etc had good frames but then to keep costs down used cheaper wheelsets and finishing kit.Read More
    Nothing but praise for Justin and the setup he has at Burls. All the correspondence I had with Justin was via email but despite not being able to meet face to face I was very impressed with his customer service. We exchanged numerous emails and his advice and patience was very much appreciated. I had a pretty good idea of the geometry of the frame I wanted built but no idea of the tube diameters and profile options for titanium.Read More
    After a couple of emails I paid Justin a visit to talk through geometry and take a test ride on one of his bikes. Following this and a few email exchanges Justin produced a design to suit my requirements. Due to a motorcycle accident I suffer from back ache on longer rides and find top tubes too long and the drop to the bars too extreme with off the peg frames. Dealing with Justin during the design process was a pleasure and my frame was delivered bang on time.Read More
    Hi Justin,
    I've been meaning to drop you a line for some time to let you know my first impressions of the bike (needless to say it's all been going pretty good). Hope the following piece (and the pic) is useful ......Read More
    Hello Justin,
    Here is the frame built up...absolutely fantastic and very pleased with it so Thank you. It is spot on geometry wise, looks nice, light and comfortable what more could I want. Just need some wheels that are good enough to match the frame!!
    Kind regards
    Here’s a quick report on the frame you kindly built for me, the picture you have from before at the top of the Monte Zoncolan:
    Having known of Justin Burls’ work for some years, I eagerly awaited the time that I had the spare money to get my first, and my only, custom built Ti frame.Read More
    I have just returned from my first ride on the new bike and I have to say I am absolutely blown away! The bike rides superbly with all the agility, feel and responsiveness I was hoping for. Prior to taking delivery of the bike I had, like many people I’m sure, heard and read an awful lot about the legendary ride quality of Titanium frames.Read More
    Well, I’ve done several hundred winter miles on the bike now so I thought I’d better write a review.
    After riding my 15 year old hardtail for the past 5 years as a road and commuting bike I thought it was about time to treat myself to a new machine. Although my hardtail was kitted out with narrow slicks it was very harsh, rattly ride and geared way too low – but I had become very attached to the bike over the years.Read More
    Review of my Ti Road Bike from Burls
    It's a year to the day since I first approached Justin in relation to a Ti bike, I had previously spent a day at Enigma in Sussex and test rode their Echo model, which I liked and was almost ready to place an order. Read More
    Hi justin just thought id send you of the pic of the bike now its built up. Really pleased with it feels great to ride , even on the north yorkshire hills , thanks again Bernie!
    I've rode 231miles in 6 days this week. All on my lovely Burls titanium road bike. To start with i thought i wouldn't be able to afford it as i had a tight budget of 1463 pounds, that was for a frame, and a new bb and a lbs to build the bike up as i was moving the groupset and wheels and cockpit from a crash damaged carbon bike.Read More
    Hi Justin Coming up to the 1000Klms on my gorgeous bike. It is without doubt the most comfortable bike I've ever thrown a leg over. Certainly more comfy than my Bottecchia.
    It's my go to bike for anything resembling a long haul! Very happy rider!
    Thank you for all your help.
    Best regards
    Hi Justin,
    A little later than intended but some more feedback for you.
    The bike performed very well in the Pyrenees, that's the itch scratched for another few months - until thoughts turn to next year's tour. Ascents included the Port du Pailheres, Ax 3 Domaines and Plateau de Bailles.Read More
    Having ridden my new custom titanium bike from Justin Burls on the routes around my hometown all the inital hopes and impressions are confirmed. It's annoying to admit that my other bikes (aluminium-alloys), one of which I have for 15 years and which I did like very much so far, now feel like BMX-stuff.Read More
    I have been ridding my Burls titanium road bike for about a year now which is enough time to review the bike as i have ridden it in all conditions.
    The design and purchase process is great, very personalised and allows you to design your frame without making any rookie mistakes. The result is a unique bike that performs really well.Read More
    I bought my frame from Justin in June 2013 and it has become the best bike that I have ever owned. I started looking for a replacement for my Cannondale Synapse Carbon when I realised that it wasn’t up to year round use and that it was looking decidedly second hand. My research led me to believe that a Titanium Audax bike would provide the ideal replacement. Further searching led me to Justin and my bike was born. Read More
    Hope you are well. It's just coming up to 3 years since I bought a titanium road bike from you. The spec was Ultegra 11 speed, Chris King tapered headset, American Classic Sprint 350 wheels, Deda finishing kit. Read More

    Time Trial Bikes

    I'm just back from my first ride on the bike. I chose a mixed terrain of steep hills and descents, long flats and some undulating terrain, about 60 miles in total - I didn't want to go too far initially in case I found I couldn't get comfortable - but in preparation for iron man triathlons this was a good tester.Read More
    Martin Magnago
    Frustratingly I injured my knee soon after building up the frame, so today was the first proper chance to test it fully. The event was the SCCU 100, my first 100 for 5 years. I knew the frame was right dimensionially and lateral stiffness wise from a very windy 10 last Saturday (where the picture below was taken) but 20 odd mins is not enough of a test.Read More
    Finally got the frame built up into bike - picture attached. Only been around the block so far but very pleased. Currently sits on turbo to get me used to position over winter before next seasonRead More

    Mountain Bikes

    Al's 29er
    I had a good idea of what geometry I wanted, I'd been through the complications of 29er head angles, fork offsets and trail but really did want an expert framebuilder to check my thinking and have an input.Read More
    Making contract with Justin was really nice, he was very helpful and understanding. We got to the end pretty quickly. After six weeks the frame was delivered. And here is the result:
    First time opening the box I was surprised by craftmanship of the producers.Read More
    Since starting mountain biking in the late 80s I'd always lusted after titanium bikes, and deciding that after 15 years of riding the same rigid XC bike it was time for a change to a hardtail with disc brakes, I thought it had to be titanium this time.Read More
    Just thought i'd drop you a line to say thank you for the 29er Ti frame and to say that i've built it up and done around 300 miles on it now. Took a little while to build it up due to life getting in the way. I am really pleased with the Ti 29er frame it is a lot better than I hoped, it is fast on the flat, climbs well and descends well.Read More
    You cant really see the nice welds am afraid Justin Bike is super quick for the kind of riding I'm doing, XC racing/all day mile munching and comfortable too.
    I had a fantastic ride in Ladakh, India. Loved the bike having replaced the seat stem with one laid back made all the difference, very comfortable. The bike took a real hammering whilst away but took it all in it's stride. Cycled over the highest motorable pass in the world at 5600 meters, higher than Everest Read More
    Some few pictures of my 26’ Ti bike.
    I ride it every day since a month now for commuting (~ 30 km / day).
    I’m very pleased with the handling and the reactivity of the frame.
    Position is also very good for me. Read More

    Audax Bikes

    Irma already had an American touring bike but it was a bit too small and she never really liked the cantilever brakes. As she loves the look of classic Italian road frames, with their thin tubes and chrome seat and chain stays, she decided that she wanted one of those.Read More
    Many thanks for your patience whilst designing my titanium Audax frame. You were very open to my ideas, and, that is the very essence of a custom-built bike. Furthermore, the build quality and accuracy of the finished product is superb and exceeded my expectations. I know that the frame will give me many years of good service with the unquestionable durability of the titanium tubing.Read More
    here is a picture of my wife's bike from our Mallorca cycle camp (17.4. - 1.5.2009).
    I have been working as a group leader for annual Mallorca bike camps from 2002. That is, for me it is 2 weeks / 10 training days / 1400 km's.Read More
    Dear Justin
    Rather belatedly, just to say how much I'm enjoying my custom ti Burls. I have barely touched my 'old' racing bike since collecting it, and have ridden it right through the winter, on sportives (including the practically off road Rapha Hell of the North) and most recently here in Tuscany on the Strada Bianca dirt roads. Read More

    Single Speed/Fixed Bikes

    I live in the New Forest... it's mostly flat and the ground has a fair cover of sand, mud and a mixture of the two. It's so flat that gears are luxuries that don't take kindly to the plentiful sandy mud.. so I have a need, a need for Single Speed!
    Many of my mates have converted their geared bikes using Singulators or old Derailleurs to tension the chain. It seemed to me that this goes against the whole Single Speed ethos of simplicity. Read More
    I first came across Justin's titanium frames at the Cycle Show in Earl's Court in 2010. He had a road bike on display with a teardrop down tube and curved seat stays; a really beautiful bike.
    A few months later, I was lucky enough to be able to test ride a custom mountain bike frame that Justin had built for Clee-Cycles.
    I rode it on the Dyfi Winter Warm Up, in sub-zero temperatures. Read More
    So happy with it! Bang on 15 pounds. Stiff. Comfy. Above all rocketship quick.
    Dave's Single Speed MTB
    Firstly, can I say thank you. The frame is everything I wanted and expected! It is significantly stiffer than my steel frame, especially around the BB area and the front end around the head tube.Read More
    I'm someone who buys and sells bikes a lot, i like to ride all kinds of bikes, but for me my go to bike is always my Burls. In all my years cycling i have never become so attached to a bike or frame as this one. I finished the bike in November and rode it every single day through winter. Read More
    Hi Justin,
    I am in love... with a Ti bike.
    But you get that alot.
    Having done an 80 miler on Saturday, and then 50 on Tuesday evening, I have to say, it's a beautiful thing. Subtle differences from riding steel, but nice ones. Read More
    Hi Justin,
    I have not got back to you to let you know how the bike is going...
    It is very (very) nice and I am having good fun. So far close to 1,000 miles which is not bad for the time of year. I am looking forward to my first 100 mile fixie day. Read More
    I received my Burls a couple of months ago and have ridden over a 1,000km of roads and some gravel paths on it too. To say I'm pleased with the bike is an understatement, it's been so much fun to ride. Read More
    Hi Justin,
    Better late than never I suppose, here are some pics of the bike.
    I could talk a lot about how the bike is the lightest and stiffest I've ever ridden--and certainly that adds quite a bit to my overall impression of it--but mostly I will just say it's unbelievably fun. Read More

    Other Variants

    This was my solution to a request to build a frame for a guy who's needs were quite diverse. Alex needed a versatile bike that he could use for commuting, off road cycling and leisure cycling - but his main requirement was to build a frame that could accommodate his specific physical attributes, namely limited range in the hips and a height of 4' 2".Read More
    Hi Justin,
    Just wanted to let you know about my bike which I have got on the road at last. In the end I put it together myself sourcing parts from local shops, the web, my own parts bin and other bikes. I'm still waiting for the cranks (I went for 195mm in the end, but long lead time from the USA).Read More
    Been riding different bikes for years so around 2000-2001 I decided to have a BMX Cruiser frame n fork built for me by bmx racer Antony Revell. I wanted it made to fit some gears on the back etc but basicly 24" wheels and bmx steering. The bike was great n has done me well. Read More
    Hi Justin,
    Built up tandem over the weekend and managed a short test ride this afternoon. Only 5 miles or so but first impressions are fantastic. Very comfortable on road surfaces and easy to handle. I think we're a bit under geared as we were doing evens on the big ring into wind! I can easily change the cassette to up the gearing.
    Weighs in at 13.5Kgs which is everything I'd hoped for. 10 Kgs lighter than the old one!