Customer Review


Here’s a quick report on the frame you kindly built for me, the picture you have from before at the top of the Monte Zoncolan:

Having known of Justin Burls’ work for some years, I eagerly awaited the time that I had the spare money to get my first, and my only, custom built Ti frame.

I did some extensive research on possible Ti builders, and visited another well known builder to see what they had to offer. In the end, my decision to go with Justin, was based on two key factors 1. The great prices and 2. His ability to make me a completely unique design exactly to my needs rather than an existing off the rail design which would be tweaked to my physical attributes, a subtle but very important difference.

And what a ride my new bike is. I feared that I might be asking too much of Justin. To design a frame which would be both fast, stiff, comfortable and stable at high speeds, but he really has pulled it off. As I said, this is a one in a lifetime bike for me, and therefore I did fret about getting each element just right. Justin was good enough to talk me through, in great detail, each option. In amazingly quick time, I had my new frame and built it up, adding the great Zipp 101 wheelset. My first proper test for the bike was on a grand tour of the Italian Alps, and it really did make me smile from ear to ear. I am very light rider at 10st and the bike weighs in at just a tad over 7kg, so together we really fly up big climbs. One mountain, in particular, I was really looking forward to tackling; the infamous Monte Zoncolan. The bike seemed to dance up, and most thankfully held the road superbly coming down on the other side, which was just as well, as many sections average over 20% and are extremely narrow! You really want a trusted frame builder when you’re up on these mountain passes.