Customer Review


Hi Justin,

Just wanted to let you know about my bike which I have got on the road at last. In the end I put it together myself sourcing parts from local shops, the web, my own parts bin and other bikes. I'm still waiting for the cranks (I went for 195mm in the end, but long lead time from the USA).

I've ridden the bike a few miles, gradually tweaking and adjusting things and it's pretty well set up now. The cranks will make a big difference but it's a dream to ride already. It's so comfortable, I feel like I could ride it all day long, yet it's light and glides along at a good pace. The Shimano Alfine 8 hub is superb. Easy to set up and gear changes are so smooth and light. The disc brakes are basic Shimano hydraulic ones but more than adequate and they give the frame such a clean, uncluttered look.

I'm thinking of doing London-Brighton on it, and back as well. It won't be as fast as my Roberts bike but I couldn't do it both ways on the Roberts without being in agony!

It will make an excellent all year round commuting bike, but feels like it could take on long tours and bursts of speed as well. Only need to flip the bars over to turn it into an old school racer!

I've attached a picture. It is huge and not everyone's ideal bike, no doubt, but the frame is beautifully made and fits me perfectly and a number of people have remarked on what an elegant machine it is. I'll report back again when I've covered more miles and have the long cranks.

Meanwhile many thanks, once again, for your time, patience and excellent service.