Customer Review


I have been ridding my Burls titanium road bike for about a year now which is enough time to review the bike as i have ridden it in all conditions.

The design and purchase process is great, very personalised and allows you to design your frame without making any rookie mistakes. The result is a unique bike that performs really well.

I use mine as an all year round road bike and I have taken it all over the world with work so my set up has been with that in mind. As the frame and components are so durable I never worry about how it is treated when being transported.

In addition to the ti frame and seat post I went for enve road forks, shimano dura-ace gear and aluminium zipps with the wider rim to allow for 25 - 28mm wide road tyres (these have a power tap hub). These components compliment the frame design and this set up results in an incredibly comfortable and durable road bike.

The ride is fantastic it really 'comes alive' when you push it hard with loads of feedback and really positive steering. The handling is dependant on tyre pressure in that if you want a gentle comfy cruise around you can set tyre pressure to 75psi or if you want to feel how the bike absorbs changes in road conditions and get the full benefits of the fantastic titanium frame you should set it higher.

Note: I use grand prix 4000s tyres that are 25mm wide which makes a huge difference to narrower tyres as you can set a lower pressure with out getting pinch flats due to the larger volume of air in the tyre, especially when you are 83kg.

Finally it looks awesome, I regularly get stopped and asked about where I got it from or people just come and say what a beautiful bike it is. I think it looks incredible and that is what counts in the end.

Overall this is best way to buy a bike and Justin is a great guy to deal with.