Customer Review


Hi Justin,

A little later than intended but some more feedback for you.

The bike performed very well in the Pyrenees, that's the itch scratched for another few months - until thoughts turn to next year's tour. Ascents included the Port du Pailheres, Ax 3 Domaines and Plateau de Bailles. Some of the grades were at 10% and steeper, having the lower gear ratios enabled me to spin the legs and get up these gradients much more easily than on previous tours. Likewise, the bike is a delight to ride on the flat and it is possible to bat along at a fair rate - quicker than I would be able to achieve on the Spa. The bike is very responsive - give it a kick and it accelerates well.

Likewise, it handled exceptionally well on the descents - very sure-footed and confidence-inspiring. This could be due to the large headset stiffening the frame (?), steering on fast twisty descents was very precise as a result. I'm quite a cautious descender after a big crash a couple of years ago, but this was an excellent way to combat those demons. Caution was required on a couple of days - the temperature was in the upper 30s, so the tar was melting ...

It is an excellent bike to ride all day too - no century rides yet, but some got fairly close ... so far.

I think the upgrades were worth having - the ti stem makes a difference.

All in all, I'm very pleased, but it does raise a question. Is it a mountain bike, or a bike for the mountains?