Customer Review


I have just returned from my first ride on the new bike and I have to say I am absolutely blown away! The bike rides superbly with all the agility, feel and responsiveness I was hoping for. Prior to taking delivery of the bike I had, like many people I’m sure, heard and read an awful lot about the legendary ride quality of Titanium frames. I’m sure there is more to it than that. I think the design has to be right and of course the way the “tubes” are put together. Whatever that elusive combination has to be, you clearly know how to do it. I felt the bike was floating along…even when I was unable to avoid putting a wheel in a pothole or across a road seam I felt completely insulated from the effects…the frame and fork combination just soaked it all up. Standing on the pedals is a delight. As you know I have a bit of mass that I can direct towards the pedals but even I was impressed how the bike just took off like a scalded cat!

This review would not be complete without a word or two about your service….and I do mean service. What a delight it was to deal with you through the whole process from my first visit, through e-mail traffic and then my final visit to pick up the completed bike. You are extremely professional and very, very good at what you do. I am certain you will never be short of customers since your combination of product and service is unobtainable anywhere else. Thank you Justin for a delightful experience and for creating my dream bike. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone seeking their next bike.


Just a quick e-mail to say hello and give you a quick update on the bike……one word….sublime!

Now using more than one word I should just tell you that all my initial thoughts and reactions to the bike have now been further amplified since I have gotten a few miles under my belt. I think it’s the weirdly comfortable yet ultra responsive ride that I can’t get my head round. On the one hand the bike/frame is superbly comfortable to ride. Even with the roads I regularly use being in such poor condition it just soaks up all the rough stuff and isolates me from all the buzz. I’ve heard adjectives like “springy”, “soft” & “responsive” all used to describe Ti frames and all of them are true in part. What I can’t work out is that it will be all of the above one minute and then when I want to press on or make a quick effort (old blokes like me don’t use the word sprint) the frame seems to stiffen up and even the lightest press on the pedals sets the bike off like a scalded cat! Truly amazing. I think the combination of wheels and tyres has worked well too and is only helping with the comfort. So far I have ridden in all kinds of weather and some varied terrain and the bike just seems to take it all in it’s stride….I could’t be happier.

Finally a word on Di2…..I know it’s not your thing but my word am I impressed! As you know I picked up the bike at the end of January….I’ve ridden the hell out of it since then and the battery is still showing a full charge! How do they do that? Shifts are lightening quick and first time every time and even though I behave myself and try to always ride with the right gear any combination of chain ring and cassette cog is possible….it’s a cross chainers delight …but I’m not sure thats a good thing!

Overall mate I am blown away by the Ti frame and the whole bike you built….thank you very much…it’s everything and more than I wanted.

By the way, any chance your web guy can get the pictures of my bike on your site? Seems a shame to deny the world at large the opportunity to see the beautiful thing you created! :-)

All the best and I hope the business continues to go from strength to strength. Doing my bit every chance I get to talk about Burls Bikes!